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Hello. Today would like to introduce to you a tool that is Adplexity. Let’s read the article below to learn more about this tool.

What is adplexity?

AdPlexity is known for being the best advertising spy tool on mobile and desktop devices available on the market. It helps you learn about campaigns running in about 75 countries, including most major countries. It is instrumental if you need real-time details right on your desktop campaigns and exchange ads on mobile devices. Not only does it make decision making much more comfortable, but it also makes it easy to discover profitable campaigns that are turning on pop-up traffic sources on desktops and devices, be mobile. They play a rather important role in affiliate marketing games. This article will take them out for you, proving the extensive AdPlexity Review.

AdPlexity product features

AdPlexity is not called the best spy tool for anything. It has many features that other spy tools do not provide.

It has a strange feature that allows you to download all landing pages and another page, helping to track campaigns that often run on ads under pop-ups.
It has broad coverage of about 75 countries worldwide, and some states are less competitive.
It monitors a large number of websites that often run on adult websites.
The best part about it is that it is not limited and supports all platforms, be it Windows, PC, Mac, iPhone, and Android.
A feature called 120 Carriers, mainly displays all hidden campaigns running on mobile network traffic and must be worldwide.
One feature, namely 100 Affiliate Networks, that helps find the best ads is promoting affiliate offers right from over 100 affiliate networks, all in one click.
Also, it allows results to appear immediately in a fraction of a second that can be searched by advertisers, publishers, affiliate networks, and many other things in a row.
They help locate successful campaigns quickly and quite conveniently with the help of extensive filters that allow you to parse based on keywords, advertisers, publishers, and affiliate networks.
Not only that, but they also help analyze each part of the campaign and show you how long the battle has lasted and when it works best, which device is best targeted, and also traffic sources. Used they show the specific affiliate network and tracking tool used for particular landing pages, promotions being advertised on landing pages or friendly URLs, as well as campaigns run by link houses — link/ advertiser.

AdPlexity has products

AdPlexity Mobile helps track the most profitable advertising campaigns of competitors on mobile traffic sources.
AdPlexity Desktop helps keep track of competitors’ most profitable advertising campaigns for desktop traffic sources.
AdPlexity Native helps track competitors’ most profitable advertising campaigns for original traffic sources.
AdPlexity E-commerce helps to keep in mind the profitable e-commerce store competitors and offers quite a lot of data on top.
AdPlexity Carrier helps browse different demographic campaigns and allows you to use real 3G / LTE proxies from more than 80 mobile carriers in more than 30 countries.
AdPlexity API gives you access to all competitive smart data of AdPlexity.

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