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What is Copyscape?

Copyscape is a top-ranking website that provides valuable anti-plagiarism (or more content-friendly) online solutions.

Many website owners in the world use Copy scape. The number is up to several million users. For writers, they will quickly check the content of your article is duplicate or not? Or are there copies of them available online? True Copyscape is very professional.

Services of Copyscape

Copyscape will provide plagiarism checking tools, in two forms, for free and for a fee. Examining copies (plagiarism) will be done professionally. To help writers can prevent fraud, or may emphasize rather than stealing the original article content.

For Copy scape Premium is a paid version, the function will be more professional. Provide you with stronger plagiarism findings, compared to the free services available online. And Copy scape comes with a host of other features, including checking a paragraph, or a specific, API.

Copysentry is even more powerful. It will give you comprehensive protection for your article by checking daily automatically, on weekly websites. And Copyscape will send an email telling you when someone copied your article illegally.

Also, Copy scape provides you, how to check other people’s websites when they copy their posts. You can compare two sites, or two articles with the same content. And Copy scape will show you how to help you prevent and respond.