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What is Moz?

Moz Group Buy is s scoring tool that measures the strength of your website is based on indicators such as Domain Authority (DA), Page Authority (PA). In addition, Moz also said the level of Spam of your website to help you fix before being penalized Google

A benchmarking tool to measure website strengths based on indicators such as Domain Authority (DA), Page Authority (PA). Besides, Moz also said the level of spam of your website to help you overcome before being penalized by Google. You can view these indicators by downloading Moz toolbar – Sign up for a free account, and it will display your site’s Moz score!

Terms in MOZ – What is the skin – What is Pa?

Domain Authority (DA): Indicates the reputation and strength of a website launched by Seomoz. (you can understand implicitly is the status – the power of the domain)

Page Authority (PA): is also an index that helps measure the reputation of any page on the website (due to the strength of the post – pages) on a significant page can vary!

To view the DA and PA of a website, you need to install the Mozbar addon for Firefox or Chrome by searching the SeoMoz toolbar.
It is determining based on three primary factors: domain age, popularity, and website size. It is one of the ranking factors of search engines.
Spam score: Assess whether your website is spamming or not with dangerous levels of 1> 17 in which:

1> 4: Your website is secure.
4> 8: Your website is getting noticed by google (google)!
8> 17: There is a high probability of going to the island to watch the stars.

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