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VidIQ Group Buy

What is VidIQ?

VidIQ App is an add-on and extension tool created by expert strategists with many years of experience in the online video platform. The purpose of this tool is to help you upload data and metrics that can help your brand know how to serve their video marketing campaign on Youtube.
The purpose of this plugin is to assist in optimizing your Youtube SEO video strategy, allowing you to get more views and subscribers.
The main difference that Tai has found internally, compared to other youtube cloud software and plugins, is the actual training inside. It makes you think about how to increase your YouTube presence.
Also, the most attractive aspect is that the training is mainly geared towards beginner and intermediate users, so it is very user-friendly.
So it focuses on the core fundamentals you need to be successful with boosting your Youtube channel.
Tai can agree there is a lot of fluff on the internet, but the content and usage of this plugin and extension, straight to the point…


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How can VidIQ help you?

If you’re reading this, you’re wondering how VidIQ can help you?

Whether you are a new or even experienced Youtuber, you will find this application quite intuitive when it comes to its video analysis features.

As an SEO expert, Tai will admit it has some features that are especially good for new YouTubers.

It will help you understand SEO better, and it will give you a lot of clues that you can use to determine the best type of video you should make.

VidIQ is a powerful YouTube video marketing tool that offers many features to help you get more views and higher rankings for your videos. You can sign up for VidIQ for free.

Once you sign up and confirm your YouTube account, VidIQ will ask you questions about your channel to customize your report. You will then have access to several features:

One user and channel. With the free version, you are limited to one YouTube channel. But, of course, you can upload as many videos as you want to track.
Audience demographics. Learn about your subscribers: their age, gender, location, and other data.
Follow three opponents. Competitive tracking is an essential aspect of YouTube marketing. VidIQ offers various tools to help you see what others in your industry or industry are doing.
Essential Video Analytics (for Web Suite). You have access to a real-time Stats Bar, which gives you the latest views, minutes watched, subscribers, and other important stats.
Video Scorecard for Chrome extension. View your VidIQ Score to see how your videos are performing instantly.
One trend alert with limited options. Trend alerts give you valuable insight into what topics to cover in your videos.
While you have limited options with the free version, You can get some real benefits with easy access to analytics and Video scorecards. This also gives you an excellent introduction to the platform and can help you decide if you want to upgrade.