Amazon selling is a business. To be successful, you need to know your market, competitors, and trends. It is difficult to sell on Amazon because of the increasing competition and availability of information. In addition, the sale can take several years and not just in a day.
These are essential tools for sellers who want to enter a huge market such as Amazon. What information can they help us to get? You can reduce it to these types of tools based on their function:

Analyze and store keywords searched on Amazon using this tool
This tool provides information about product history and other important information.
Marketing tools that support product marketing and provide trend information
The tools also support sub-functions that vary depending on the type. However, the main focus is on the three functions above.

One thing I want to say is that tools only make it easier for us to work faster. This saves us a lot of time and allows us to do more analysis, decision making, and analysis. For example, the tools will give you the following information:

Complete product information: Name, description, price, and rank. Feedback, selling brand, selling times, number of sellers.
Historical changes in price, rank, and product feedback over time
Estimate the number of products that were sold in a given period
You can search for Amazon products that meet your criteria using a wide range of options
Information about a shop selling on Amazon: number of products, number of sales niches…
Keywords for custom products and hot products are keywords to search for


Helium 10 is one of the most popular tools for Amazon sellers. Unfortunately, selling on Amazon without these tools is like walking in the dark and just waiting for luck & often more risk than luck.

Helium 10 is also an overall SEO and product research software for Amazon sellers. Its tools and features include product and keyword research, listing optimization, product launches, keyword tracking, competitor spying, refunds, and more.

Extremely powerful software tool for Amazon Seller
The Helium 10 suite contains more than a dozen tools that help Amazon sellers find high-ranking keywords, identify trends, track competitors, and fully optimize product listings to increase sales. Exponentially.
“You order an ASIN, and it checks to see if the brand is Gated.
Note that Trademark Registration and Trademark Gating are not the same things. The Trademark Registry is just a category on Amazon for approved brands, with a few benefits. Once your brand is Gated, no other seller can join your listing without your approval.”

Features of Helium 10 software 


Helium 10 can perform repetitive tasks on Amazon in a matter of seconds. This saves you time and allows you to focus on growing your business.

Profitable products

You should avoid choosing a product with low margins or too much competition. Our tools are powerful, and we have new ones in the pipeline to improve every aspect of product research.

Find the golden keyword.

Find keywords that will help you rank high for your products.

Keep an eye on your opponent.

Look at keywords that your competitors rank for to find out their strategies.

Invalid Keywords Can Be Removed

Wrong keywords in your Amazon listing could prevent good keywords from being indexed. These wrong keywords can be blocked from indexing.

Sponsored ads can be cheaper.

Optimizing product listings and identifying the right keywords can help you reduce PPC costs.


Helium 10 Pricing

Helium 10 offers several plans with different pricing options, functionality and features. Below is their pricing structure.

Free Version

The free trial version of the software is available to anyone who wants to test it without having to pay anything. The 30-day trial of Trendster, Frankenstein Profits, Profits and Chrome Extension is free. You also get access to the basic tools as well as Scribbles, Inventory Management, Trendster, Frankenstein, Profits and Profits. Although the free plan is not as extensive as the full product, it gives you a good idea of what to expect from the service.


For those just starting out, the starter package is a great plan. Look no further if you’re looking to make a significant investment in your business. It is the most affordable starter plan for new sellers at $37 per month. This includes the Freedom ticket course.

Platinum Plan

The Platinum plan allows you to access the entire Helium10 suite, and provides all the tools you need for growing your Amazon business. You can access the entire Helium10 suite and the following:

Index Checker150 Uses Every MonthAlerts 300 ASINs per month
Keyword Tracker 2,500 keywords per month
Follow-up:Every month, 5,000 emails

This plan is ideal for people who want to grow their Amazon business. They will be making regular use of all the features. The plan is normally $97 per month, but you can get it as an Infinite FBA Reader for only $ code “INFINITEFBA50″Receive 50% off your first month. Simply copy and paste it, then add it to your cart.

Diamond Plan

The Diamond Plan offers all the same features as the Platinum Plan but allows for more of the most important features. It also offers multi-user login. The diamond plan is for experienced Amazon sellers who want to grow and scale. The monthly cost of this plan is $179

Elite Plan

This is the highest-tier plan for Helium 10 members. This plan will let you know when it is time to upgrade or begin. This membership is expensive at $397 per month. However, the real value lies in the private Facebook group discussions and the LIVE expert training.

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Where are the best Trials and Group Buy Helium 10 in 2021?

Helium 10 does not offer any trials packages as of now. But they are offering a 50% off code for the first participant to purchase their service with the Platinum plan. But if you want to use Helium 10 for the cheapest price compared to the original price then you can join the Helium 10 Group Buy.

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