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Big Spy Group Buy

Spy ads is probably a familiar term for people who use Paid traffic channel (spend money to buy traffic).

And knowing which ads of competitors are running effectively will help me understand my opportunities, to be able to improve my ads, or at least have more ideas to be able to advertise… This tutorial will help you to be able to spy, spy, and watch competitor ads on Facebook with just one simple tool. That is Bigspy.

What is Big spy?

Big spy Group Buy is a research analysis and ad tracking tool on channels such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram …. Suitable for those who want to research the market, sell T-shirts, sell on facebook.

Bigspy is a tool specialized in analyzing advertising research on channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Admob, Twitter, Pinterest, Yahoo. Also, it is used to track ads too (like you pin 1 page, an ad, and it will notify you which key there will be new advertisements), for example.

Is the 2nd version or can be considered the 2nd interface of Poweradspy. This is a very powerful tool for marketers.

In the framework of this post, I will only guide on how to view competitors’ ads on Facebook.




Instructions to register an account at Big spy with prices from only $ 8.95

First you click on the link below


Register here for 8.95$


The website will display as below, you will enter in the first box the email address, the second box is the password to access Bigspy, the third box is to enter the username you want. Fill in all the information and click Submit button.


A message will appear as shown below, please go to the email you just entered at this time to activate.


Search in the email and then find the email with the subject titled “Welcome To BigSpy”.

Open the email then click on the link in the email to confirm.

Oke see the message shown in the picture below that you have successfully activated it. Click on the words Start to go to Bigspy’s main page.

A bit of a little trick when using Bigspy

Bigspy has a free and paid version. For free, I can only search ten times a day (if you were next to another page in the search query, it also counts one more search. Also, you will only see a few ads on the first page, the ads below. I Will be hidden, and I will have to pay a fee to see it. The paid version from $ 9.99 will get queries 25 searches per day.
If I spent the money from $ 9.99, I learned a lot of ads from those who went before, really, in my opinion, is worth it, spy ads are like a flashlight. Your path is in the dark, without spy ads, you will not be able to know how your opponents or the good brothers are doing advertising out there, how they are doing advertising content. I will not be able to optimize or have more ideas for advertising.

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