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Buzz Stream Group Buy

BuzzStream is a tool designed to make email access easier and more efficient. To do that, BuzzStream automates a lot of community-related work, like:

Research prospects
Find an email address
Email tracking
Track response rates
Another selling point is:

You can do all your outreach activities in one place. So instead of Excel spreadsheets and Gmail tabs, you manage access and link building in one place:

Find influencers and bloggers
Whether it’s for link building, digital PR or content advertising, the first step of any outreach campaign is: find people to approach.

Most people find prospects with Google.

For example:

If you want to build links to your fitness blog, you can search the best Google fitness blogs in Google.

This approach can work but VERY slow.

(Why? You have to manually copy and paste every website you find into the spreadsheet. Then evaluate each potential customer.)

Import: New Discovery Discovery feature of BuzzStream.

This feature combines search and evaluation of prospects in one place.

BuzzStream – Discover, search for content marketing

You can get a list of content marketing experts:

BuzzStream – Discover, Content marketing results

ou can even sort the results by the Moz Domain Name Authority, the number of Twitter followers and more:

BuzzStream – Discover, Sort results
(This is very useful, but I want to see SEMRush integration. That way, I can see if the websites in my list get any traffic from SEO.)

Then, add people to your list of potential customers:

I’ve noticed a flaw with this feature: it shows me a few people who haven’t written about my topic for years.

BuzzStream – Discovery vulnerability: Unrelated contacts

So if you use this feature, make sure to set the Last Activity mode last year or last month:

BuzzStream – Discover, Last Activity

If not, this feature works perfectly.

Verdict: Discover the myths Making finding influential people and bloggers simple and easy. Useful if you’re just starting with a new campaign.

Find contact information

OK so you have a list of potential customers. Now it’s time to find their email address so you can throw them.
BuzzStream handles this step in one of two ways:

First, you can install their Buzz BuzzMarker.

BuzzMarker – Chrome extension

This is a Chrome extension that automatically scans the web page you’re visiting to find a valid email address.

(You can see here the tool easily find contact information of BuzzStream Paul May founder)

If it can’t find the email address on that site, it will usually give you the URL of the site’s contact page:

BuzzStream – Example contact page

It also helps you manage and track your campaigns from within your browser.

(This is especially important for outreach teams)

For example, suppose you go through a new site that seems to be EXCELLENT matching for your new campaign.

But when you run BuzzMarker, you may find that they are already part of the campaign:

BuzzStream – Already part of the campaign

That way, you don’t need to cross-reference anything on the spreadsheet.

You may find that they are part of the right campaign.

(Or even worse, reach the same person twice with the same yard)

You can also find contact information for everyone in BuzzStream.

If BuzzStream has email in their database, you’ll see a small envelope icon next to their name.

BuzzStream – Envelope next to the name

Verdict: BuzzStream does a solid job of finding an email address. But I have noticed that contact information is missing in about 20% of websites on my list. So I had to fill in the blank with That said, 80% success rate is nothing to sneeze. So I’m marking this feature as a victory.

Sample approach

Just about any access tool on the market that allows you to send email with their platform.

So why send your access email to BuzzStream?

First, you can easily create email templates, and add them to your access messages:

BuzzStream – Email form

(That means you don’t need to copy and paste anymore. This is a big time saver)

Alternatively, you can add custom fields to patterns that BuzzStream automatically fills in:

BuzzStream – Sample custom fields
(Like potential customers’ websites, names and more)


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