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What is buzzsumo?

Buzzsumo is a service that helps you find the most shared content / content across social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn. Because there are good or new readers to share so you rest assured that you will see only the best content.

Buzzsumo is a tool to help you find the most shared content/content across social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter … Because it’s okay, the new readers share so you can rest assured that you will see only the best content.

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Familiarize yourself with the interface of Buzzsumo

First, you need to access and create a free trial account at the following link: If I remember correctly, with free trial accounts, you will be allowed to search for content on Buzzsumo 3 times/day. But you do not need to use too much content, the number of searches is comfortable already.
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Powerful content search engine

BuzzSumo allows displaying information, documents, articles, news …. being most interested in time intervals: within 24 hours, the nearest one week, the latest month, the last six months, and in 1 year.
Ability to grasp the content and intentions of the right users. BuzzSumo supports an improved search engine that helps exploit all relevant content based on keywords: Name, place name, author, domain name, or any other word. The more partitioned a keyword is, the more accurate the search results.
BuzzSumo displays the share of search information across all popular social networks: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and Pinterest.
Optimal filters, including Article (Articles), Infographic (Graphic Design), Guest Points, Giveaways, Interviews (Interviews), Videos …
Displays the most natural backlinks, including all shared domains or pages.
Allows direct sharing of the content displayed via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn…

The main menu buzzsumo


Stay up to date with today’s trend content.


Create endless content ideas for any topic in less time


Find the most common questions being asked for any topic.


Explore an endless array of content with Content

For those who make money with any form that must build a website, content is definitely something that everyone must pay attention to.

Having a content plan for a brand new website or always preparing content for long term website development is a fear of many people.

A lot of web developers who have been out of ideas for a few days don’t know what to do next. (Don’t even know what to write first.)

And I confidently assert, the Content Research tab and five small internal features that Buzzsumo equipped, will help you feel excited with the daily content production game, which is not the feeling of fear of employment. More content.

The web
Research top performance content on the web

Discover, analyze and benchmark

Find backlinks for any URL or domain name.

Find relevant influencers on Twitter by topic or username.

Discover the most relevant Facebook pages for your topic

Find the most active and influential authors around your topic.

Avoid the crazy online search that a piece of content you’ve ever encountered, save them to a relevant project, and come back to them anytime!

Add order and structure to relevant content. Projects can be the home to all your campaign pieces, the inspiration for later, or keep an eye on your competitors’ work.

Quickly move data into your other workflows with easy exports to CSV and Excel formats.


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