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CrazyEgg is probably the most popular Heatmap tool available on the market today. Crazy Egg is provides Heatmap for clicks, Heatmap for mouse cursor, and Heatmap for moving. It provides a useful feature called confetti Heatmap.

Crazy Egg is heatmap confetti allows you to split heatmap data into interactive sources. This means you can see how users from social networks, how they search, or sources of interaction with your site.

What is heatmap?

A Heatmap lets you know the level of users using your site. The Headmap tool helps to display on top of areas that are more active. Than areas with low user activity.
Heatmap tool helps analyze user click areas, look at, and read. This information will help you know about the ability of users to use your site and optimize it for better conversion and better user experience.

These tools are different from other analytics tools like Google Analytics. Traditional analytics tools help you get information like how users visit your site, what pages they view, and how they move from page to page. Heatmap analysis tool tells you how users use and interact with your website designs.


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