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Flaticon is a logo download site that provides thousands of free icons for users. As its name suggests, most of the icons on this website are in a flat format with a simple design. According to this website, about 533,000 vector icons are grouped in 10,005 packages that are served for visitors. Most of them are free while some of them require advanced registration to download. In addition to free icons, there are a number of additional tools such as a template maker that lets you create stunning templates in minutes.

After using this service for a while, we have decided to present reviews to our readers so you can also enjoy the benefits of their services. As usual, we will look deeply into the features of this site and what you can expect from them. If no more, consider Flaticon.

What makes them special?

There are several icon databases on the internet. So, why should we go to Flaticon? Take a look at the following benefits / features that we found on the site that attracted us to them.

Best icon

Flaticon 1 Flaticon 2 Flaticon 3 Agree or not, the best thing most users need is beauty in the icons. Nobody will download icons that look bad even if it’s free. When it comes to Flaticon, almost all of their icons (probably all of them) look great and clean. Instead of those bulky 3D designs, this site offers ‘flat’ icons. The icons are clean, beautiful and suitable for all needs.

Note: Do not use these icons without writing an author.

Free use

Most of the icons listed on Flaticon are free to use. But, you will have to write the author when using it. If you don’t want to credit the author every time you use an icon, you’ll have to upgrade your subscription. When considering the beauty of icons, there is no problem in author credit.

Huge database

Flaticon has a huge database of different icons in different icon packs. To find an icon, all you have to do is simply search for it in the search box or find the appropriate icon pack. It contains all the icons you need from the Pet to the Computer. You will never have to use another logo site after using Flaticon.

Easy to use

Unlike many other icon download websites that require multiple steps to download an icon, Flaticon has one of the simplest methods. All you have to do is find a perfect icon for your needs, click on it, choose the format and choose the size. The icon will be downloaded immediately. Also, if you sign up for a free account, you can create your own icon collection and download them all at once. But users will only have a limited number of downloads per day.

Icon pack

Icon pack is a group of icons. Icon packs make it easy to find related symbols or icons from the same author. This way, you can find the best and most perfect icons for your needs. You can download the entire icon pack instead of downloading each icon one by one. Likewise, there are Family Icons which are better and larger versions of icon packs. You can find the same icons in the icon family.

Different formats
Instagram icon format
Flaticon allows you to download your favorite icons in any format PNG, SVG, EPS, PSD, Base 64. If you download the icon in PNG format, you will have the option to choose the preferred size (16px, 24px, 32px, to 512px) and color. So you can customize the icons even before downloading. In other formats, there is no need for such options, for example, SVG images will not reduce its quality to huge sizes, so they do not include it.

Create templates

You can create custom templates using the icons on the website. It is very easy using the template generator provided by the website. Watch the video shown above to understand how easy it is to create great templates within minutes.

Flaticon plan

Why should you choose premium options while you can download the icons for free? The answer is very simple, you do not have to write the author every time you use the icon on your website or elsewhere + you will unlock a large number of premium icons + download limits Your daily down will be increased.

Flaticon will limit downloads to 40 downloads / day for unregistered users and 400 downloads / day for registered uses. But if you are a senior member, you can download up to 2000 icons / day. Here are the Flaticon plans.

Flaticon plan

And this is the difference between a free account and a paid subscription.

Flaticon free vs advanced

Premium subscription will be provided with licenses for each icon they download. Therefore, they do not need to credit the author as long as they have a license. So what is the plan you will choose?


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