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You are about to, already selling on Amazon FBA, perhaps the most important question you have to answer is what you will sell on Amazon?

How to find products that are selling well on Amazon? In this article, I will guide you to find “delicious” products with the Jungle Scout tool.

You should use an Amazon product finder like Jungle Scout to research the market and devise the right business strategy.

In this Jungle Scout review, I will show you how to use this tool to find million-dollar products to sell on Amazon FBA.

What is Junglescout?

JungleScout Web is a tool to find niche and keyword search products so you can sell many Amazon items when doing the seller there.

Jungle Scout is a set of tools, including a web application that allows users to search a database of items that sell well on Amazon.

It also has the Chrome extension, which allows you to check related information on different pages of the product.

So what is the difference between the Jungle Scout Chrome extension and the Jungle Scout tool?

These two applications work closely together to help you research millions of products when preparing to sell on Amazon FBA. But basically, they are completely different.

The Chrome extension version of Jungle Scout is to help you gather specific data and information about a certain product on Amazon.

They are usually installed into the Google Chrome browser, and work when you surf on the Amazon.com website

On the other hand, the Jungle Scout Web application helps you search for products from various filters as well as track products over time with data collected by the Extension on.

You can use this Jungle Scout tool right in your browser without having to download any applications.

So you understand what the Jungle Scout tool is and how it can help you in your Amazon FBA business.

How does Jungle Scout work?

How accurate is the Jungle Scout? In my opinion, it is exact to help you find the best-selling or potential products to sell Amazon FBA.

However, before using any tool, you should also learn the indicators that Jungle Scout statistics on a product that is selling on Amazon.

There are two most important indicators that you need to consider when using Jungle Scout are estimated sales and estimated advertising costs.

First, Jungle Scout can estimate the sales of any product on Amazon, based on the Bestseller Rank (abbreviated as BSR).

The products are said to be very potential when Jungle Scout estimates the product sells 5,000 units a month with a monthly turnover of $ 100,000.

When I used the Jungle Scout tool to sell on Amazon FBA, these metrics were very accurate.

Only the cost estimation tool of Jungle Scout is not standard. Do you know why?

Amazon ads, like those on Google or Facebook, run on a bidding mechanism, the more people who buy ads, the more competitive they become, and the bids skyrocket.

At the time you use Jungle Scout to check advertising costs, the number shown in real-time.

By the time you run Amazon ads, the cost will likely go up or down, often because the competition will increase over time.

Therefore, I recommend that once you find the product with the Jungle Scout tool above, you should proceed to import and sell on Amazon FBA as soon as possible.


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