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What is Keyword eye? 

Keyword Eye is a keyword suggestion tool that helps you visualize the search volume of the keyword you need to research and analyze the keyword competitively with the direct competition of your website directly on the page. Search results of the search engine.
Use Google search results that allow you to enter:
Keyword (Keyword): help you get the best suggestions with keywords you enter.
URL (Web link): give the best suggestions from the URL you enter.

Keyword Eye is an extremely useful tool for SEOs. Keyword Eye will help you to generalize the search trend of Internet users, including search volume of that keyword, analyze keywords with competitors on the results of the search engines.

Keyword Eye provides you with features such as choosing keyword match types, choosing the right countries, organizing keyword results, filtering keywords by competition level and search volume, and displaying words. Lock with competitors,……

The main functions of the keyword eye

Visual keywords

Keyword eye can display keyword suggestions visually. It also shows what people are searching for in Google, Amazon and YouTube to help businesses target specific keywords and adjust their SEO keywords with long tail keywords. different proportionally. This helps their website can easily climb up in the search rankings quickly because they focus more on a key keyword.

Monitoring competitors

Tracking your competitors is one of the Steps to help you get the idea as well as the appropriate SEO strategy. This tool provides information related to their content and the keywords they use to improve their chances of climbing up the search engine rankings. In addition, marketing tools show how this content is developing on the Internet

Study the question

Keyword Eye is different from other smart tools that allows users to search for trending questions on the web. This allows them to target relevant queries and combine those queries in their content and marketing strategy to attract more site visitors and increase their chances of converting customers.

Partnership a platform

Keyword eye has an easy to use interface. An eye pro account can be shared with up to 10 users. With so many users on such an account. This can help your project to be completed sooner



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