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Description is an online education website for programmers with lots of multimedia learning experiences. For about 20 years, Lynda has served more than 10,000 businesses and provided lessons in five languages. They are a go to business training as well as individuals. Their reach is global, with students from all over the world using the site to increase their skills and learn new things.

Probably the best site of its kind, allows students to learn how to write code from instructors through a huge video content library. Students can work at their own pace. Unlike or other websites, there is no charge for each video or course. For a registration fee, students have unlimited access to as much content as they can participate in the month.
Additional resources are often included, including spreadsheets and other instructional materials. Lynda is the ideal place to learn technology skills and techniques in various technical areas. In addition, they also offer business, money management and other advanced courses. For our evaluation purposes, we will focus on the technical and coding aspects of Lynda’s educational service.

Once you’ve created an account, Lynda will help you find training based on areas of interest. You are welcome with a long menu of options, made from detailed sections. You choose the areas you want to learn. The options here will create a list of recommended courses later.

During the initial setup, Lynda will show you some of the most popular courses when you go, letting you know that expert training is at hand. The required and relevant courses are extremely easy to find.

Benefits of using Lynda account

There is no limit to the course until you faint.
Watch course videos on multiple devices: Computers, tablets, phones, TVs …
They are practicing while learning theory.
Nearly all Lynda courses have Transcript (different sub). Transcript allows you to copy all text content in the video.
You can download the course to watch it offline.



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