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Net flix is ​​one of the most popular online movie watching services in the world. And is sometimes considered a must-have standard overseas when consumers choose to buy entertainment equipment for their families, at countries where Netflix is ​​so popular.
In addition, Netflix is ​​a US online movie service. Very popular in the US and many other countries around the world. It has a clearer image quality because all movies have full copyright. High quality video and application (app) to watch movies on a variety of devices, from laptop, phone, tablet, to Go to Android TV Box, Smart TV. And even gaming consoles also have apps for you to enjoy.

What movies are on Netflix?

There are movies, movies, TV shows, documentaries, science … Most of them are American films, there are no Hong Kong movies, Korean, Indian, Japanese and Thai movies like Vietnamese movie websites. Although the movie store is quite bulky, there are still some popular titles that do not appear on Netflix for various reasons (due to copyright conflicts, competition between service providers …) like Game of Thrones. , The Walking Dead or Agents of SHIELD ..

Benefits that Netflix brings

Netflix is ​​one of the companies with the most extensive content library worldwide. With rich content, users can freely access their favorite genres, such as classics, documentaries, sitcoms, etc.

In addition, Netflix has a movie recommendation system based on the user’s viewing history. This is very convenient for users because they do not have to search, but the system will analyze and recommend similar films that suit the “taste” of the user.

In addition, the Netflix app is appreciated for its clean, beautiful interface, easy to use and fast, smooth speed, effective search features, and, at the same time, beautiful image quality, no jerky-like Many other online video viewing services.

The drawback of Netflix

Netflix, at this time, has a relatively high price compared to the common ground, so the user base is not much. Also, when you want to register to use Netflix’s service, you must have an international payment account. Clearly, this makes it difficult for many customers because not everyone has an international account.

Instruction to register for Viettel Pay account to create a virtual Master card to pay for international services

An additional point to note, Netflix currently has English subtitles and a few other languages ​​but not Vietnamese subtitles, and the voiceover function still does not have Vietnamese subtitles. This will make it difficult for non-English speaking customers.

Despite having a diverse stock of movies and TV shows, most of them are still American films, without Korean, Hong Kong, Indian, Japanese, and Thai films like movie websites in Vietnam. Not only that, but the speed of updating new movies of Netflix is also ​​a bit slow, mainly suitable for those who like to watch old movies.


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