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Picovico is a tool that can create videos for you, just with the photos you already have. This tool is often used to create birthday videos, with photos.
The first step after you start a video project on Picovico, is to choose a style from the Style Library. You will see all the birthday styles. We will introduce – Album (Birthday), Delight Birthday, Flashing for stylish invitations. If you are looking for a simpler option, be sure to choose among Spark and No frames.

All details.

Next you choose your favorite photos and video clips. The images and videos you choose can be fun, bullshit or extremely cute. Next you create an order that you want the invitee to see. Next you include invitations and information such as the date, time and location of the party. You can do this in two ways, first you add the details on the image slide as a caption, the second you choose to have a text slide among your photos / videos.

Set the tone.

The next step before you press the create button is selecting music. Music must be consistent with images and captions. The music you choose creates a mood for your photos, video clips and text to choose your music wisely.
We have a library of music clips to choose from but you can also download music from Youtube Audio Library.
Stop point
Your final step The final step to creating your invitation video is to click the Create button. Just a few worthwhile minutes if you wait and your invitation video is ready to send to the invitees.

Create a copy.

ou will call more than one guest and thus send more than one invitation. You cannot execute the same pattern multiple times. You can make copies of your invitation video by clicking on the three dots or installation options available on each video you have created. Clicking on the video editing option will automatically create a new video for you. Now you just need to change the name of the guest and you are good to go.
Send your invitation
There is more than one way you can start sending your video invitations to guests on your list. First, you can send videos that invite you to create on their social media right from Picovico on Twitter and / or Facebook.
Another way to send your video invitation is by downloading. You can send it in an email or put it into a flash drive and send it over.


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