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what is Vyond?

Famous brand GoAnimate Inc. recently underwent a brand innovation and revealed its new name – Vyond. Video creation software is an all-in-one platform capable of creating dynamic moving media. Vyond is built to bring movement and people to create a more influential marketing video.

In terms of product service, Vyond’s performance, security and support are top-notch. Performance comes in high resolution (1080p), font input, video collaboration and countless other useful features. Vyond also has a number of features dedicated to its marketing video creator, including lip syncing and complex actions with just one click.

With a total of five business and business plans, Vyond provides the ability to connect your entire team and get them involved in the marketing / editing process. In terms of marketing performance, Vyond aims to improve conversion rates and clickthrough rates and to reuse existing content.

Vyond is unique in that it uses animation and not images or actors to play in its videos. In general, the process of creating marketing videos is as easy as creating a PowerPoint presentation. Through the platform, you can even make animated characters move honestly, add automatic lip sync and create custom characters for any installation or work role.


When you enter Vyond’s marketing video creation platform, you will be prompted to ‘create a video’. The digital marketing advantage is then presented with three options:

Contemporary: A fully customizable 2D animation built around popular business concepts.
Business-friendly: 2D animation featuring hundreds of patterns, characters and actions.
Animated white board: This is a classic animated white board with dynamic drawings.


Select Vyond’s video style

Business-friendly templates are where we will focus on Vyond’s marketing video creator.

Sample Vyond

Vyond marketing video template

Now, we will go to the editor, where you will learn how to find your way on the platform confidently. Not to mention, you will be able to create a killer marketing video at the end of our review of the platform.



After selecting the style of video you want to create. Marketers are given a short tour of the platform that introduces you to the elements in bold below that can be changed with Vyond’s editor . We found this to be quite useful and a great tool for those hoping to truly discover marketing video building tools.

The editor itself is drag and drop and is quite simple to navigate. The components in the template you choose can be manipulated by clicking and dragging the mouse. Factors such as length and slip effect can be changed from the timeline section of Vyond’s editor.

Going deeper into Vyond’s editor, you will discover that there are a number of features that can be added as well as taken away. Here are the factors that you can directly from Vyond marketing video editor.

These features are located in the top left corner of the Vyond editor.

Upload: Marketing specialists can upload files in JPG, PNG, GIF, MP3, WAV, M4A format, file format as well as TTF or OTF fonts (available to professional package users).
Characters: Create, search and insert available characters into marketing videos. Choose from a number of relevant characters from the office to industry and other professions. The character creation process is also intuitive, you should try your luck in creating customers to represent your company or marketing company in advertising / information content. You can choose body type, face specifications, hair style, mouth, ears, eyes, eyebrows and nose. Also, choose from clothing styles and add accessories.

Vyond character

Props: Add props like computers, tablets, tables and other office / business related objects. Choose from hundreds of props.
Chart: Present your unique marketing statistics with a striking and attractive chart. Although Vyond’s chart selection is quite limited, the available ones look modern and more than enough.
Text: Insert title, subtitle and body text. Adjust size, color, style, alignment, set to auto size and add padding. There are dozens of modern fonts to choose from.
Audio: Record and download audio directly to your video marketing Vyond. Vyond also offers a library of more than 50 songs that will enhance your video viewing experience.

On the opposite side (top right corner), you’ll find another set of tools to help personalize marketing videos.

 Vyond Music Library

Swap: Exchange allows you to exchange templates whenever you want.
Background: Change the background of your marketing video based on location and template.
Color: Personalize the color of any marketing video background to match your site with RGB specifications.
Scene Transitions: Add transitions to videos and choose from nearly twenty transitions.
Camera: Add a camera to your scene, to make it look more realistic and edit aspects such as camera movement, latency, duration, size and position.
Scene settings: In scene settings, control the duration of each scene.

Zoom in / out: Zoom in / out on the timeline of the video.

Two outstanding features provided by Vyond are the ability to make the character go and run as well as talk. To make your character talk, follow these four steps:

Select the character in the marketing video you are creating.
Click the dialog box icon located on the toolbar (looks like a microphone).
Choose a conversation, give you the option to add a record from your mic or add text to speech.


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