How to login kwfinder by cookies 2021

Kwfinder is one of the indispensable analysis tools of seo people in planning keyword analysis for their upcoming projects. Because the success of the seo project you are about to do is related to these keywords. So we need to select a lot of short keywords, long keyword appropriate. And kwfinder is a tool that helps us do this.
There are many ways that you can log on to kwfinder, but the usual way to use them is to use the user and password to log on. That is before now, kwfinder is increasingly difficult for many users on an account.
Signing in with cookies will be the most effective way for you to use the same kwfinder account.
The following kwfinder group buy guide how to log on to kwfinder with cookies.
Step 1: We need to install this edit cookie for chrome.
Step 2: Visit
Step 3: We will add cookies to this edit cookie.
Step 4: Confirm cookies and refesh the site or press F5 key

In order to have cookies, you can place orders at our groupbuyseotools so that you can use the highest planning kwfinder.

Video tutorial on how to log in to kwfinder using cookies