List of Spy Tools Group Buy SEO Tools needed for you in 2022

What is SPY Content Ads on Facebook?

SPY Content Ads on Facebook is the act of tracking and observing competitors’ actions on Facebook, specifically in the content field. Specifically, you will study your competitors’ content ads:

+ What to do on Facebook?
+ To whom?
+ What is the form?
+ Style like?
+ What do you need to “catch the trend”?

From the results obtained, you will learn to do better or compete in a healthy way. Even, this is also a “treasure of ideas” when you “secret” content ads for the upcoming campaign.

Which object Ads should you SPY on?

Depending on the goal of each stage of development, you will need to “localize” a specific SPY audience.

One is your direct competitors in the industry.
Second, companies and business organizations have products and services in the same customer segment.
Third, the big e-commerce brands. You can learn, emulate and get inspired, “catch the trend” from them.
In the age of technology, every passing second gives you countless growth opportunities. Digital Marketing has grown tremendously. Approaching customers a few seconds before competitors, impressing customers with “slightly better” than competitors, … will significantly affect your revenue and profit. Helpful tools that will help you SPY your competitors’ content ads on Facebook more effectively!



Group Buy SEO Tools would like to introduce to you a list of essential Facebook advertising spying tools that you cannot ignore in 2021.
This is one of the best advertising spy tools in the world that is used by many people.

Top tools to support rival Spy Content Ads on Facebook

  1. Poweradspy Group buy

This is the most overrated tool. Although it is a paid tool, Poweradspy gives users a great experience. Literally “expensive in pieces.”


Salient features:

Search by keyword, search by fan page URL and from there, discover all Ads on that page
Sort Ads by number of interactions
Diversify Ads search results: by time, call to action, display position or by the target audience, …
Beginner-friendly interface. Just take the time to research. You will get results beyond expectations. Not only will you get landing pages, but you will also discover Ads templates, Ads design ideas, Ads messages, how to write content, etc.

2. Bigspy Group Buy

BigSpy Considered a multi-channel advertising research analysis tool, BigSpy is widely used on Facebook, Instagram, Admob, Twitter, Pinterest, Yahoo. Many marketers think BigSpy to be “Poweradspy version 2”.


Salient features

Support users to search for running ads with keywords by many options. In particular, BigSpy can filter ads in the form of a “call to action,” with the keyword being the competitor’s name.
Not only does it support the advertising research of a competitor, but it can also research by industry, field, product, or service provided.
Tracker ads: when you “pin a Fanpage or an Ads on the page, you will know which keywords will have new ads.
All free

3. Buzzsumo Group Buy

This is the recommended tool to use to find content and SPY competitor pages. With Buzzsumo, you can see posts with high engagement on your competitor’s Fanpage. From there, analyze their content to draw lessons for yourself.


Salient features

Content Research: In this tab, Buzzsumo offers many features so that you can do almost anything with proper content research about your niche. In particular, the Backlinks feature to featured articles helps you learn effective content.
Influencers: you will be supported to find and filter out influential people in the field you are pursuing. It could be Bloggers, Experts, Journalists, Influencers, etc. You can follow or include them in potential Outreach Lists.
Monitoring: measure results and notify each time your brand or content is mentioned by others.
Keeps you up to date with new trends on Facebook with the “Trending Now” feature.
Create and send statistical notifications every day
Proactively notify you of new updates or even get notified when someone mentions your brand name.

4. Adspy Group Buy

AdSpy Group Buy is a smart and powerful ad-supported software. It helps you find and research competitor campaigns in the niche you are analyzing.

Adspy boasts more than 80 million ads in many different languages in 198 countries from different advertisers around the world. It has a huge advertising database.

High search filter, which allows you to target your competitor campaigns with the highest level of accuracy

It is used to explore Facebook and Instagram ads. It also has smart advanced search filters to help you find ad text, comments, and landing page URLs, along with ad types, daily likes from competitors.


5. Adbeat Group Buy

Adbeat Group Buy has become a robust competitive intelligence platform for famous advertisers all over the world. It is helping to create your most effective advertising strategy. Adbeat enables you to increase budgets for display advertising, get the best quality traffic, and achieve your company’s sales goals. Using the products provided, you can analyze your display advertising campaign, find out your strengths and weaknesses. Follow the most successful publishers, discover new sources of traffic. they are working for your competitors, and take measures to improve your ads.


adbeat group buy

Frequently asked questions about SPY Content Ads

What are the benefits of SPY Content Ads?

SPY Content Ads play an essential role in the implementation of marketing campaigns. As follows:

When you know your competitors’ content, you know what they’re doing well. From there, learn from experience and create a new Marketing campaign with your style, helping you quickly conquer recent trends in the market.
Declare product value through what differentiates and is unique about its products from those of competitors.
See shortcomings as well as marketing campaigns that competitors have not tested. Taking advantage of that, you can avoid mistakes that your competitors make and launch marketing campaigns that your competitors haven’t made yet.
Know user reviews when using competitor products. Aggregate those feedbacks to help you approach customer needs more conveniently.
Assess the market segment towards the development of the business in the future.