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Crello Group Buy

What is Crello?

Crello is a simple graphic design tool made by Depositphotos, a stock photography company. It allows you to select patterns that you can then customize with new wallpapers, different text styles, lines, borders, stickers, icons, and more.

Graphic designs are grouped by size so that you can get images designed specifically for Facebook and other social media, general sizes for blogs, tags, posters, flyers, and different another format. Once you have selected a template, you can use the typefaces chosen by Crello’s designers, or you can start over.

Features of each Package.

Basic Package, you can edit and download all 36 static design formats and can also create and download animated post videos, but downloaded videos will be branded “Create in Crello “small. If you don’t need high-end templates or video features, but sometimes need stock images in your design, you can add stock images for $ 0.99 and pay $ 0.99 when paying ( “Download” button. You will have rights to the purchased image and will be able to use it many times you need.

Advanced Package, you will be able to work with all 36 graphics formats and will have access to 20,000 premium templates, can use 20,000 vectors and free illustration objects and will have five downloads. Monthly images in your Advanced Package (unused download scrolls through the next payment stage). Also, you will be able to work with the Animation post format. However, your downloaded designs will have a small “Create in Crello” label.

Package PRO, you will be able to use all the graphics and video features, have access to video and animation formats without watermarks – Instagram video stories, HD videos, animated posts and video cover on Facebook. Also, with the PRO package, you will be able to upload and edit your videos (up to 60 seconds of video duration) and will have ten downloads of images in your PRO package with the ability to scroll through Download unused to the next month.


Crello is entering a crowded market. Canva, Piktochart, DesignBold, Macintosh, Snappa, Pablo, and many other options available offer quite a lot of similar functions. And a graphic design tool for everyone. This is also a great design tool. You can try it here at a low price, to experience its features.