What is SEO? And Benefits of SEO

What is SEO ? is the question many people search today as the Internet and social network increasingly widespread help the online business grows. Talking about online marketing, can not help but mention SEO. SEO plays a huge role in promoting the development of today’s businesses. What is SEO? Let’s find out.

what is seo

1. What is SEO Definition:

SEO (short for Search Engine Optimization) is understood to be the best website solution so that website can be easier to find website. Besides, other online marketing methods are also part of SEO because they help rank on the popular search engines such as Google, Facebook …

According to many experts, SEO keywords are the most popular and popular form. Most businesses or SEOers expect their keywords to rank high on Google search results.

In addition, there are many different forms of SEO:

Image SEO: A technique used by SEO to put images in your site on the top of Google search when a user searches on that keyword and select the image tab to display.

SEO Clip: Can SEO videos, clips available on the web or use other information channels like youtube to put your website displayed on the Video tab.

SEO Google Map (Local SEO): A way to make it easy for searchers to find places to look on Google Map.

SEO App Mobile: This form of SEO will be the App appear on the search page that Google displays, making it easier for users to choose.

In addition, there are some other important SEO forms such as: SEO news, SEO Bing, SEO Facebook …

You can see Moz’s explanation about SEO here: https://moz.com/learn/seo/what-is-seo


type seo

Type SEO.

2. White Hat SEO, Black Hat SEO and Gray Hat SEO?

Just like hackers, SEO is divided into three categories called White Hat SEO, Black Hat SEO and Gray Hat SEO. White hat SEO, black hat SEO and gray hat SEO all have the sole purpose of linking a certain website to the front page.

– What is SEO White Hat?


White hat SEO are those who optimize the links so that they rank high on the search results in a way consistent with Google’s SEO rules. The white hat SEO method not only increases the ranking of legitimate links but it can also keep your rankings in the long run as possible.

– What is Black Hat SEO?

black hat SEO


Black hat SEO means the use of methods and tricks to circumvent the regulatory hurdles of the search engines aiming to put themselves on the front page of the search results.

Usually the black hat SEO phase will put the website on the top 10 in the search page much faster (even if only a few days for an important keyword) compared to white hat SEO. However, the likelihood of search engines being punished is also high.

What is SEO Gray Hat?

gray hat SEO

A combination of “black hat” and “white hat” to achieve better results than the “white hat”. Difficult to distinguish the steps of the website when SEO. Better results than the “white hat” technique. The risk of being “banned” is lower than black hat SEO, but there are some unsafe cases when applying this technique. If the “gray hat” technique is incorrect, the website may be listed under the following circumstances:

Fall into the Sandbox
+ Website keyword does not appear in search results for a long time.
+ Home is not indexed in search results
+ Keywords are dropped quickly.

3. What is SEO work?

SEO is one of the most prominent occupations in Vietnam in recent years, along with the development of online marketing in general and search engine optimization (SEO) in particular. Simply put, an SEO person should take on the Onpage SEO and Offpage SEO.

As such, the SEO job consists of two main jobs are SEO Onpage and Offpage SEO (you can refer to these two jobs here and here). But what is SEO is also a concept quite strange to many people should also also many myths about SEO. Here are five myths about the most popular SEO profession:

3.1. SEO is like IT

IT is abbreviated as Information Technology. SEO profession with IT is not the same. If IT is about computer programming in depth, then SEO is about search engine optimization. SEO only needs to know the text editor, install the main software to run Adwords, analyze and measure the results. More rightly, it should be said that SEO profession is related to IT profession.

3.2. SEO does not need to know design

High-end design skills may not be needed, but basic design skills are not possible if you want to pursue SEO. Because, you can not optimize your site to be ranked high on Google’s search results if the site does not have attractive images. SEO involves Photoshop, video design and a little artistic ability. Standard SEO articles can not afford to have attractive design photos.

3.3. SEO and marketing have nothing to do with each other

This is a bad idea. SEO is a branch of SEM (Search Engine Marketing – Search Engine Marketing). In today’s era, as online marketing grows, SEO is almost becoming an important profession to run good marketing.

SEO is just the optimization of the website available with Google, so no need to know programming

3.5. SEO requires only computer knowledge, not the ability to write

If you think so then you’re wrong. Copywriter is the most important in the SEO profession. Because new content is what attracts and holds readers. Search engine optimization is good but the content is poor then the site is soon forgotten. SEO requires the ability to copy and write in a compelling way.

Actually, that’s not the case, because when you optimize something, you need to understand it. Programming language is the language of the website. Only when you understand the language, you understand what the site needs. SEO does not require expert knowledge of programming, but basic knowledge is indispensable.

4. The Benefits of SEO Projects Bring Businesses:

Compared with other forms of advertising at the same price as the suppliers offer, the implementation of a long SEO project will save you a lot of costs and bring efficiency in the long run.

To run ads on Google, your business will have to spend a huge amount of money to maintain them and often bring in high efficiency, results are not fixed, do not create interaction with many people. use. However, when using a natural SEO approach, your website will have a fixed position on the display panel, which will help to impress potential customers.

5. The whole process for implementing an SEO project:

So how to implement a complete and effective SEO project? After drawing a lot of experience, the following basic process when getting an SEO project

Keyword Selection and Analysis: This is the first step and also the most important step to implementing an SEO project. The person performing the SEO for the project needs to know what the main content of the website is to give the most accurate keyword table. This job requires a lot of thinking and experience because the quality of the keyword table affects the overall SEO operations in the future. It’s important to determine what the user’s needs are, the most likely search trend, and whether the keyword is profitable.

Take care of the content of the website: Google has become smarter with countless algorithms put in order to tighten the rules for SEO, resulting in results on the search page becomes more quality. Gone are the days when link bombs or blame the tool to make traffic to the site, Google today favors content that is unique, useful, useful to users. Content that creates goodwill with Google means that your website will be more appreciated, ranking will also increase with each day there.

Job and Benefits of SEO

SEO Onpage: Once you have a complete list of keywords and quality content, SEOer will optimize the content so that they become more friendly with the Google search. The work to do: Optimized URL, Title tag, use keywords tagged H1, H2, H3, Meta descriptions, create sitemap for website …

Offpage SEO: In contrast to the Onpage SEO process, this step is completely done outside the website. By using links, backlinks from outside leads, web rankings will also improve significantly. This means that if your website has backlink superiority in terms of quality and quantity, then your rankings will be higher. However, in the present moment, Google is not too concerned about the number of backlinks but only care about the true quality of those links. So we recommend that you choose the link quality is really not to get underestimated from Google or even be penalized if there are too many links to be considered poor quality. Backlinks that are highly rated for quality often carry a Dofollow attribute when returning links, usually reputable and quality content such as education, newspapers, or large pages that have years of activity.

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