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Pexda Group Buy

Pexda is a number one good product hunting tool. On the Amazon, eBay & Aliexpress markets.
It has hot trend winners every day on their platform. Every day the platform is updated with a winning product that has been exploited and also has unexploited winning products.

Unique features

Pexda has the Copy Advertising feature proven by them and by other marketers. You can view ad copies for all products including their photo / video ads, text used in ads, total likes, total shares and comments, and total video views , etc. They also provide links to original ad copies
The third great feature in this Pexda review is about untapped winning products. They search throughout the markets and find selling products that are friendly delivery. Those products are very useful for their daily lives. In that case, drop shippers can avoid great competition to test these products.
The fourth great feature in this Pexda review is about their target audience. It’s checks products using Facebook ads with different goals to find the right target audience. They list the target audience they used when testing specific products.


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