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Hello, everyone knows the importance of the Ahrefs Tools in helping us in analyzing the backlink, keyword, … of the competition. This is really an indispensable tool for each of us, the following groupbuyseotools.org would like to introduce you how to use ahrefs, analyze each indicator of the Ahrefs Step By Step.

What is ahrefs?

Ahrefs is a tool that directly analyzes the parameters of the largest online website. Originated from the idea of setting up a backlink analysis tool for global websites, a multinational group based in Ukraine (headquartered in Singapore) has formed a group called ahrefs and development tools. This backlink analysis has become one of the most powerful SEO support tools in the world, with an ever-expanding analysis of metrics and metrics.

The Ahrefs data collection process is up to 6 billion pages a day (about one-third of Google’s data warehousing) and the backlink data rate of the tool can be up to 30 minutes. times. So, with this tool, the SEOer can check the competitor’s indicators in a quick and detailed way.

About Ahrefs.

The following are some of the key capabilities of the Ahrefs provided by the company.

about ahrefs

As you can see, Ahrefs bugs / robo races daily go through the internet and gather information on 6 billion pages on the internet and update data every 15-30p. At present, in the data of Ahrefs, they have obtained:
1. 12 trillion Links across the internet
2. updated more than 200 million domains
3. 3 trillion Urls

The lesser known fact is that, based on research and data on “The most active good bots” Ahrefs is behind Google’s current update, higher than Bing. , Yahoo, ….


With these data, you can understand why Ahrefs is one of the most powerful and effective tools available today in Seo. Now I will go to the main section, the index in the Ahrefs

Url rating (UR)

First we will talk about UR (Url rating), if you follow me long on youtube, you will find that I say these indicators are quite in the first video. But in this article I will talk more about it as well as address the questions you often encounter.

ur on ahrefs

UR (Url Rating) measures the strength and reliability of a particular URL (e.g., gtvseo.com/dich-vu-seo-ho-chi-minh) based on the BACKLINKS that the url has, which is You should understand that on page seo is not one of those that heavily influences Ur and, like DR, is the backlink to the URL!
UR is measured on a scale of 1 to 100, with 100 being the highest score

Similar to UR, Mozart’s PA also evaluates the strength of a URL based on the backlinks pointing to that url. A small note here is that these are indexes of companies like Ahrefs and Moz based on the factors that affect seo and they try to simulate a Google look at a website. You have to understand that these numbers are NOT 100% accurate but it is also very accurate so it is one of the most popular tools in the world of seo.

Domain Rating (DR)

Domain rating shows you the strength and reliability of the entire website based on BACKLINKS to that site. You should note that these indexes mark a website based on much offpage seo, not much on page seo here.

Domain Rating on ahrefs

Compared with UR, DR has a lower accuracy in Google Ranking (rank of a website) by UR accurately evaluates the URL and DR is evaluated on the whole site. So if you meet Authority Site (or high DR site), you can still win if you have more quality links on your website.

But DR is one of the very good indicators when you choose it to conduct your link building from forums, blog comments, guest posts, websites, etc. In general, you should get backlinks from high DR sites. (If there is more UR is too good) to have good backlink.

Domain Rating Answer

Q1: “Why do not my backlinks to the website decrease but DR decrease?”
A1: “Simply put, other websites (your competitors) have more links, and you do not. For example, a site with DR = 100 has tens of thousands of backlinks, but because DR has 100, Ahrefs can not give up 101, instead, they will lower the DR of the weaker sites. down 1. That is one of the reasons that reduce your DR ”

Q2: “My opponents, not backlinks from high DR sites, but why DR they are more than me?”
A2: “If the links are high from high DR pages, but those sites are all sites that people can get (forum, blog comment, …) Ahrefs as well as google will not appreciate. But if the low DR site, the same domain and very few people have links from these sites, then Ahrefs and google will appreciate – look under ”

Domain Rating Answer

index ahrefs

Q3: “If links from low DR sites are good? Do I need to disavow it?
A3: “Just like the low DR pages that are related and very few people get links, these pages are also very good. For example, at GTV SEO, I have a lot of links from DR <40 but it helps me a lot in SEO ”

Ahrefs Rank  (AR)

Ahrefs Rank indicates the rank of the website based on the quality and number of backlinks pointing to the web (mainly based on DR is the main).

Ahrefs Rank

This means that rank # 1 of the Ahrefs Rank belongs to the website that has the best backlinks and quality backlinks.

Answer about Ahrefs Rank

Here are some questions related to the AR that you often encounter when doing seo:

Q1: “My backlinks are up but my Aherfs Rank is down. Why so?”
A1: “Same with your DR, but your backlink remains the same or increased as I explained above. Simply because other websites have more and more backlinks than you do ”

Q2: Should AR, DR or UR increase? Because it symbolizes the prestige and power of the gogole? ”
A2: “Yes, long time no! Because the simple reason is that the index is just an indicator, ahrefs it is a good tool but not a perfect tool. The truth is that when I was seo, I never paid attention to my moneysite stats, even DR, UR, TF, CF and DA.

Also, my GTV SEO DA and PA are equal to 1 more, but it still topped from the seo service! Regarding DR and UR, because it speaks to the power of the backlinks to your website, you can still easily hack it by injecting hundreds of domains at your site. The domain name “Sachch” also help you increase the DR, but there is … Google also index your website or not, then I do not take responsibility … ”

Organic Keywords/Organic Traffic /Organic Search

With any urls / websites you leave out of Ahrefs, it will let you know that

1. Organic Keywords

Organic Keywords

The exact URL you left out, at the time of Ahrefs update, is already in the top 100 of many keywords by way of organic keywords. For example, it shows 649 Organic Keywords, which means that the URL you left the Ahrefs has 649 words in the top 100.

2. Organic Traffic

Organic Traffic

he number in this section is an estimate of how much traffic that the URL / website has from the 406 keywords that are top 100. But do not trust it too lightly, it only represents a part only, because The monthly search that Ahrefs offers you is in the Ahrefs data, not Google, so the Ahrefs only count the click rates based on the search volume of the Ahrefs.

3. Organic Search

Organic Search

This section is where you can see two very beautiful diagrams that describe the movement of Organic Traffic and your Organic Keywords

Anchor Cloud/Anchor text

This is probably one of the many questions that you have asked most recently. The most common question I get is: “What is the Ahre’s Anchor cloud rate?” Or “how to calculate the anchor text density”, I understand why you are interested, because if you do not yes, and you have the case of over-optimization of anchor text overload you can easily be penalized.


Normally, when I consider anchor text, I will not be interested in Anchor for some (I will explain later) that I usually click on “Anchors” in the left column to check the anchor text.

Anchor text

Here you will find the four main columns: Anchor text, Reffering Domains, / dofollows, and Reffering Pages.

anchors test 2

Here you should only notice the Doffollows column, because this is the column that represents your anchor text.

How to calculate Anchor text

In the Reffering Domains column, there are 10 domains backlinking to your site using the anchor text https://gtvseo.com/, but in those 10 domains there are only 9 domains. For backlinks are dofollow backlinks only, and up to 140 pages of those 10 domains backlink to your site. Here you just note the doffolow column for two reasons:

1. Google only charges Dofollow anchor text, not anchor text of nofollow to anchor text of a website.
2. If a site’s article gives you many anchor text but it points to a URL: eg seo services, seo services, Vincent Do handsome is the 3 anchor text on posts but pointing to gtvseo .com, then google will get the anchor text first, it will be calculated into the anchor text density, if google saw Vincent Do is handsome as the first anchor text, it will compute this anchor text into the anchor text density section website.


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