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What is Spyfu?

Spyfu is a tool that lets you learn AdWords and your competitors’ keywords. SpyFu really lets you dig in to find out what’s good and what’s not in favor of your competitor’s AdWords campaign. When you follow the steps of the competition, you can avoid the mistakes they made …

SpyFu Group Buy  is a search analytics company, also known as GoogSpy, when it was founded. SpyFu’s main application is as a tool to improve and organize the site’s SEO and PPC. This tool is used to spy on rival websites. SpyFu provides all necessary and unnecessary information about the opponent’s campaign. Starting from the total number of keywords that competitors bought or bid, the number of clicks that each keyword received, etc.

SpyFu also helps its customers organize this vast data set simply so you can know exactly how much money your competitor has spent and the number of keywords on the top. With the help of a unique content analysis tool, SpyFu helps you run your AdWords campaign and revise it in relation to more popular keywords. With the help of SpyFu, you can keep the web running on the Internet and search engines for the lowest cost.

The features are visually and visually appealing. However, some reports are quite challenging to read and extract information. SpyFu was originally a PPC tool, but it gradually changed to become a complete SEO tool. They have provided keyword research and data for more than ten years.

The planned package of spyfu

Try Spyfu Free

You can create an account for free and long-term use. However, it will be a limited functionality. Another way to use SpyFu as a free SEO tool is to select the packages, pay the initial fee, then use 30 days, and cancel it for a refund.

Spyfu Paid version

SpyFu has three subscription packages to choose from Basic, Professional, and Team. You pay respectively $ 39, $ 78, and $ 199 for each month.

The Spyfu Group Buy service was created to help you use SEO tools for a price. You were saving you thousands of dollars every month.


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