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What is Backlink?

Backlink term is understood as links returned from websites, blogs, forums, other social networks to their website. In the implementation of SEO, Backlink is still one of the top priority factors in ranking on search engines. The more quality backlinks a website has, the higher the chance of reaching the Top.

Besides, before going into Backlink building, make sure you understand the related concepts listed below:

Anchor text: The keyword phrases used to contain links. When anyone clicks and the anchor text is redirected to the destination link inserted in it. These anchor texts will help SEO when you want to boost rankings for a particular keyword.
Link juice: A term used to refer to a link pointing to a website. The more link juice, the more Domain Authority of your website increases, which is very beneficial for SEO.

Dofollow link: By default, each backlink you create is a dofollow link and it will pass the link juice to your target website.
Nofollow link: When a Backlink is created but it has a nofollow tag, the link juice is not transferred.
Internal link: Links that lead from one article to another article in the same website.

Low-quality link: This is the term used to refer to poor quality backlinks. Backlinks that are pointed back from websites that violate general rules, websites with spam, websites with harmful or perverse content … are all considered low-quality backlinks. Be careful when placing Backlinks on similar sites!

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