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In fiercely competitive industries, it is possible to find and use appropriate keyword research tools. There are many tools to help you do this research. To make a difference in your niche market. Help you reach customers quickly. If you don’t use the tools, you only know a small portion of the keywords their customers use. That will reduce the degree to which you can reach customers. So today, will introduce you to a keyword research tool. That’s Keyword Keg, to better understand, read the article below.

Keyword Keg is a trio of keyword research tools used by more than 4500 SEO Agencies & Consultants to gain an edge over competitors. Here are the advantages of Keyword Key.

Find Keyword Tool

The first tool is the “Find keywords” tool. Here, you can enter up to 30 seed keywords at once and get keyword suggestions from 11 APIs. In addition to the 11 APIs, you also get keyword suggestions from our database of 3 billion English keywords.

This leads to you getting thousands of suggested keywords returned with countless essential SEO metrics.

Volume (US) (column tells you how many users are searching for this keyword every month in the US. Volume data comes directly from Google keyword planning and then improves using click mouse.

Difficult On-Page SEO tells you whether search engines have optimized the top 20 ranking sites for this keyword by having keywords in the title, description, title, or other positions in content.

Out-of-page SEO difficulties tell you the best backlinks and domain names for 20 websites that are ranking for this keyword.

SEO Difficulty Score is taken from painful points On page and Beyond page and is a metric that top SEO agencies use to determine their difficulty level to rank new websites for keywords. Anything on end 70 is pretty hard to classify, while any point under 50 will be much easier. The lower the score, the better. You can get detailed information on how to calculate different figures and their meanings.

Just below the keyword, you will find specific icons called SERP icons. They give you additional information about keywords, such as whether any videos are displayed for keywords if the new level is an important ranking factor.

In addition to the SERP icons, we also categorize keywords based on whether customers intend to buy products while searching for them or looking for product information or whether the keyword is a question, you can answer and get a “featured excerpt.”

Finally, to complete the feature set, we have an advanced filter that allows you to filter keywords on every possible data point and use negative keywords to hide specific keywords that aren’t important for your business. You can also export all keywords and metrics to CSV, Excel, or PDF files.

Import Keywords Tool

The second tool is called the “Enter keyword” tool. You can use this tool to get metrics for the keywords you already have quickly. These can be keywords you get from another tool like Google Search Console or competitors’ websites.

There are two ways to use this tool – you can paste keywords directly into the text area and create data immediately, or if you have keywords in the CSV file or Microsoft Excel, you can upload the file to Keyword Keg and then download the same file back, with all metrics appended. To upload the file, you need to click on the “Upload CSV / Excel file” link.

Merge Words Tool

The third and final tool is called “Word consolidation,” which allows you to enter a series of keywords and create multiple combinations of those keywords along with their data.

Merge useful words for e-commerce players that have products of different colors and for different people. For example, you can download sample data and see a combination of keywords generated from the list you have given. This is a great way to find more keywords to target if you are an e-commerce business.
In addition to these three keyword tools, we also have features that you expect any tool to have – for example, the ability to save your keywords to a list and then publish them, the ability to customize them. Column, so you only see the figures that you care about and the ability to see a list of all your exports.

Keyword Metrics for SEO

In addition to search volume & monthly CPC, Keyword Keg provides you with our exclusive SEO metrics – Difficulties on the page, Difficulty level outside the page, Difficulty in SEO & Range of TLB. Here is a short video that explains these metrics, or you can read an article about them.