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What is PBN? 

PBN (Private Blog Network) is the name of the website system you created for the purpose of creating quality backlinks to moneysite (the web you need to seo). Often people use old domain, web 2.0 to build this PBN system. To understand more about why you should choose Private Blog Net Work in link building, you need to know more about the old domain name.
Register compass is a tool to help find old domains that have expired or expired at auction sites.

Prepare tools to find pbn.

Finding PBN has been a difficult journey.

Searching for PBN (Private blog network) is a difficult day that you will have to get acquainted with.

If you have the experience, then right. What if you are inexperienced or don’t even know what PBN is all about?

The answer is, if you do not have the experience, it will take a lot of time and have a lot of difficulties doing it. You try something new, and it will be difficult.

Essential steps for finding pbn

Construction of PBN
Post and backlink posts
In this section, I will share with you how to earn pbn first.

Here are three tools you need to have:

Domain finder (Registercompass / Domcop)

Of course, there are many tools for you to find domains out there. But for now, I find Registercompass and Domcop the most impressive to me.

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This article only mentions Registercompass.

Currently, I only use Register Compass to earn pbn. So in this article, I will do separate about Registercompass. You use domcop can apply the same.

Reason for using Registercompass tool:

Not because it’s better than Domcop, or it’s the best. The truth is, I have heard a lot of good reviews about domcop. And many say it’s more than register compass.

But you know!

When you get used to a company’s product, and you find it still gives you a lot of value than…

Even if it’s better than your company’s favorite product, it’s hard to use.

Because your favorite company has built a relationship with you for a long time. And me too. But do not have another company whose product is superior to the product you are using is okay.

Here domcop just a little better with register compass only. But I’m not an idiot to see other products that excel without using it.

So if you’re a less experienced / beginner, I recommend domcop!



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