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With the development of traffic monitoring tools as well as access to customers, and checking the basic parameters of your website or competitors such as national rankings, international rankings, now There are many tools. Today groupbuyseotools.org would like to introduce you to a great tool. This tool provides a comprehensive and relatively accurate assessment of the data of a website’s reach, ranking, and level of user interaction, including traffic. That tool is Similarweb. To know how great this tool is, please read the article below.

What is the Similar Web?

SimilarWeb is one of your website measurement tools that make SEO and internet marketing very popular. The site will show basic parameters about your website or competitors such as national rankings. International ranking animals, Average views, traffic overview, and details are entirely free. Similar Web has a simple interface, has a built-in browser utility that makes it easy to measure any website right from the start, including your website.

Some outstanding features from Similar Web tools

 +  Top Apps per Country & What is the type of App & Play & what is their ranking performance over time?

When you are just starting the marketing process with a new app. You will need to identify your competitors for both iOS and Android in the most relevant countries market. While there are a few application performance tools out there. Not many of them support a wide range of countries (mostly in the US) or provide data for both iOS apps as well as the Google Play store.
Besides supporting top-of-the-kind applications for a large number of countries in the Play App store and Google. The SimilarWeb application platform allows you to filter them by price model (free & paid). As well as top customers and my first new free and paid. You can then list them based on their location and change rankings. Allowing you to discover new players and potential competitors that can climb ranks.
Once you know your competitors and the leading market players. That’s when your application marketing process starts. You will do well to track your performance over the competition’s past time. With SimilarWeb, you can choose an app and compare the rankings and Rank each of their countries over time with any other competitors. You can track up to 4 other competitors at the same time.

+  What is the number of settings, daily active users, and usage habits of your competitor application?

Although you can directly monitor your own installed applications and usage activities, you also want to be able to compare it and follow up with your main competitors’ KPIs. This is how you can identify trends, seasonality, and opportunities that may arise over time.
In addition to the number of competitors of installation, user activity, usage time, and session per user over time, you can also get information about your time using the application and history model. Daily use, compared to your group leaders and any specific competitors.

+  What is the level stirring app & keep your competitors?

What about loyalty? How loyal to users of competitors applications or top leaders compared to the reliability of your app users? SimilarWeb offers a ‘Keep’ benchmark feature that illustrates the percentage of users who come back after a certain number of days and the average useful life for any application.

+ What is the primary traffic source for your competitor applications?

Once you determine a competitor’s app or rank a popular app, install or use the model, it is useful to understand what is driving growth for the top players. You can do that with the source of the store, external traffic sources, in-store keywords, and keyword search engine reports.
You can start by identifying the top traffic referrals from “inside” your competitor’s app store, whether through in-store search, recommendations as an “app.” stand out “from the developer page,” or called by other applications.
If one of the top referrals is the store search word, you can get the most relevant keywords from the keyword features in the store. This is very useful when planning your ASO process.
You can also determine if your application competitor is receiving traffic from outside sources outside the app store. A lot of applications can do this by developing their traffic through a social media campaign to promote their apps, or by encouraging their use of the app from their website. Personal mobile phone or an email marketing campaign, or organic web search results – name a few possibilities. You can identify any sources with the External Traffic Sources section.

+ What are other applications being used by your target audience?

This feature is useful to understand user preferences better. It also helps you learn to set up potential partnerships, advertisements, or donations with other applications you may want to know and follow on. The applications listed here are similar and are also being used by some users.

If you are a beginner and want to check your level of customer attraction, with great features of Similarweb, will meet your requirements. If you’re going to use Similarweb, you can go here groupbuyseotools. We are the best service today about providing cheap software SEO tools and customer support as soon as they need.