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SEO monitor is an application to check keyword rankings running on the Web platform similar to Ahrefs, RankWatch, and many other tools. The difference and also the particular point of SEOmonitor is that you can connect this keyword ranking software with Google Analytics.

So that data tracks keyword rankings, as well as Traffic statistics, become incredibly accurate. Search Volume data of SEOmonitor is used from Google Keyword Planner so it will give you a very detailed view of keyword rankings and SEO opportunities.

Outstanding features of SEOmonitor.

Organic Traffic: Provides information about all keywords that your Website is ranking and Traffic from those keywords. This data is extracted from Google Analytics so it can include tens of thousands of different keywords, including long tail keywords and Search Volume information every month.

SEO Campaign: Provide information about Top keywords that your Website is ranking best. In this menu, you also know the total Search Volume from these keywords and the difficulty of these keywords when doing SEO campaigns.

Competition Insights: This is a handy menu of SEOmonitor. You can add rival websites to this section to compare your Website and competing sites with rankings related to keywords in your SEO campaign.