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What is video blocks?

Yes, it is a site that provides video archives. They have demo videos, so let’s go over them.

The obvious difference between VideoBlocks and other sites is the price structure. That’s right – VideoBlocks offers content at a fixed price. No matter how much content you download a month, it always has the same price.

Never again worry about your budget. Since you can download content as you like, download as much content as you want, then try it in your video editor and compare it to each other. It seems incredible, but the site gives you that freedom! (Seriously, this is what changed the game.) Not only can you work better, your finished product will look sharper.

Why use Video block to make videos

Video Blocks now has over 50,000 clips of background movies, soundtracks, sound effects, and cinematic effects of all types and themes of life. For film-makers, from beginner to professional, Video Blocks will be a valuable resource that can help them a lot in post-production as well as contribute to making their work unique. More original and valuable, both in terms of art and business.

Just by typing the keyword free stock footage download on Google Search or YouTube, you will have a full list of services that provide free background video clips. However, most will put their company’s watermark on the film. And if you use this footage in your video clips, it means you’re advertising for them, not your work.

Video Blocks is the complete opposite because there are fees. But even when using the free version. In addition, you still have the opportunity to download and release everything on Video Blocks in HD quality within a week.

How to sign up for VideoBlocks

If you don’t have a VISA, Master Card, Discover Network or American Express card, but you want to download everything for free on Video Blocks, then it allows you to download at low quality (with the help of a download accelerator, such as Internet Download Manager).

You access the homepage of Video Blocks at and click the Browse button located in the upper left corner of the screen. It will show all resource stores in the Royalty Free Stock Clips area in serial publication. The latest files will be located on the first page. Click the Next button to see the next page or click on a specific number to jump to the page to view.

By default, Video Blocks will display up to 48 files on the screen page. But you can still double this number in the Show section (choose section 96 per page). The Sort by area will help you to rearrange files by different criteria, such as following closely to the keywords entered in the Search videos box … (Best Match)By names from A to Z (Name (AZ)). , by contrast (Name (ZA)), by the most downloads (Most Downloaded), by votes and scores from users (Highest Rated), by the number of votes marked as favorite (Most Favorited) or by number most recently viewed (Most Recent).


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