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What is Ubersuggest?

SEO is not a strange concept for those who do Digital Marketing or Content Marketing. Me too. As a content writer, optimizing SEO content is extremely necessary and important for the article to be more accessible to readers – who are the same customers. In particular, the important step that cannot be ignored is keyword research.

I have learned and used a lot of SEO tools to research keywords and support effective solutions for my blog. And today, I choose Ubersuggest to share my experiences in keyword research and SEO optimization for my articles as well as my blog and website.


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Find content writing ideas with Ubersuggest

Every day, countless articles about many products are written and posted on social media, on Internet platforms that each of us can only absorb a very small part. Small, even when we search about them on social media.

I am inherently passionate about writing, but sometimes I am stuck for many reasons, such as not knowing what to write, not knowing how to write to attract readers, and achieving the goal of writing articles and articles. Products were closer to customers. This is when you and I will need the help of Ubersuggest – an SEO tool that can suggest content ideas that can benefit your blog or website.

1. Define the subject/content object

First, you need to target your content. If your blog or website only targets one or several related areas, use it as a topic of exploration. My blog shares a lot of topics, so I will choose a small topic in which is VPN – a tool to support setting up and connecting a virtual private network for Internet users.

After choosing a topic to deploy, we will start with the steps to find ideas suitable for that topic to optimize SEO for your article.

2. Statistics of ideas related to content by Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest has a group of Keyword Analyzer tools that support very useful content ideas and keyword analysis. This group of tools is located in the left navigation bar of the main interface. Select “Contents Ideas” in “Keyword Analyzer,” at this time; another interface will appear:
Ubersuggest has a group of Keyword Analyzer tools to support content ideas and keyword analysis
The search bar is where you will enter keywords related to the topic you will write. Next to the search bar is an option to select the language and country you want to target. Here, I want to find the content about VPN tools that have the most hits on Google and the most interactions on social networking platforms:

The search bar section is where you will enter keywords related to the topic you will write about
After selecting a language, country and entering a keyword, click the “Search” button with an orange background to the right. At this point, Ubersuggest will display a list of content containing the keyword you enter with related content and statistics to filter.

Ubersuggest displays a list of content containing the keyword
This is a list of the top content published on websites and blogs. Inside:

Est. Visits: number of visits per month.
Backlinks (backlinks): The number of hyperlinks led from other websites to the website containing the original content.
Besides, Ubersuggest also displays interactions from social networking platforms like Facebook and Pinterest. Based on the above statistics, you can find the interest content and create sound effects to apply to your articles.

3. Analyze keywords

The next step is to choose content with “Est. Visits” and “Backlinks” high to conduct keyword analysis. You can also consider the number of interactions of Facebook because this is also a potential platform for digital marketing. Then, click on the “Keywords” box of the “Est. Visits” to look at the statistics on the keywords that drive traffic and engagement for the content. Here, I choose the content titled “Hotspot Shield 7.9.0, Hotspot Shield FREE VPN” with 884 visits a month and 59 backlinks:

However, I made a mistake in choosing this content. The number of SEO keywords in this article is a lot, the statistics are also very high, and the danger is quite large. The reason is that this article was posted on a large software download website, which already has a huge number of visitors. The data from the major websites and blogs often do not have too much reference value.

In it, Ubersuggest gives the parameters related to each keyword that contributes to the traffic to the content:

Volume: Number of keyword searches in 1 month.
Position: The search ranking of the URL containing the keyword on Google.
Est. Visits: Website traffic from Google through keywords.
CPC: Average cost per click when advertising keywords on Google.
Paid Difficulty: The level of competition when advertising keywords.
SEO Difficulty: Keyword competition when not advertising.
These metrics will tell you which keywords have the potential to drive traffic to your content, as well as the competition involved, and you’ll have to decide whether to “push” this keyword with SEO or paid advertising. Or a combination of both options will bring better results.

4. Write content from ideas and selected keywords

This is the central step for your valuable content creation. Based on the ideas and keywords that we have just found as well as the analysis above, you will need to write new content for your website or blog using the Skyscraper technique, that is, complete and upgrade the content from the already existing content. There to increase backlinks and Google search rankings for your content.

5. Actively increase backlinks for your content

One of the main purposes of writing content marketing is to increase awareness through many factors such as impressions of search results on Google and increase backlinks. So, after upgrading existing content and keywords, you need to increase backlinks for your content with Ubersuggest actively.

Go back to the content you selected for keyword analysis, click the “Link” button corresponding to the “Backlinks” section of that content to see a list of websites that link to the original article:

Ubersuggest helps you Actively increase backlinks for your content.
Your job is to contact the websites that linked the original article to promote your writing. In the process, you need to make these websites see the unique, new value you mentioned compared to the original article.

I used to be quite shy about doing this and thought that no one would care about updating links in their posts. Then when I contacted a reasonably famous website and asked them to update the new link to complete the article, they agreed and appreciated the valuable information that I exploited. I am very happy and see it as a motivation to continue to create content and promote SEO for articles through increasing backlinks.

Ultimately, your content will get good positions on Google search results through the number of backlinks you bring.