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Lucidchart is a visual collaboration tool that makes charting quick and easy. Once you’ve installed this tool, you can easily create and edit charts online AND offline! While you’re online, it’s easy to share your charts with others to experience real-time collaboration with integrated changes and instant syncing.

The strength of this service is that it requires no installation, can work anytime and anywhere with just an Internet connection, works in the background of HTML5, so it is very fast and stable, interface tools do. The layout is neat, scientific, has many drawing features, and easy to use (can drag and drop objects), especially the service has many versions for users to choose, including sessions. Free version.

If you often have to work with diagrams, charts, mind maps, … then surely you will not be far from the software Microsoft Visio, SmartDraw. However, for some reason, you cannot use this software, you still have an alternative solution, which is to use LucidChart online service. For a free account, you can create basic diagrams, charts, insert 60 graphic objects in a document, and get 25MB of online storage.


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