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Raven Tools is a tool that allows you to manipulate parts of the report the way you want. It allows you to display data in a clear and concise way for customers to understand more easily – that is, not only the chart but also the table or KPI number. You like the fact that it allows you to rearrange the sections. I want to report very easily (all drag and drop) and the best is being able to add the “text summary” section to any report section. so you can go into details about what numbers mean and what we can do for them every month to help us achieve our marketing goals.

Raven Tools really helps the way you report to your customers, allowing you to clearly analyze all the services. We offer and how they all play an indispensable role in online marketing. This allows you to stand out from other companies who only display random charts with numbers but are not intrinsic.

Main functions of Raven Tools.

 Website auditors:

This is a very good feature of Raven Tools. Bunch helps to analyze more later on the issues of your website. This can help you overcome those problems.

Now, to be clear: their website audit feature has found a lot of issues that are real problems.

For example, Raven tools will analyze and mark some of the overall internal links of your website as nofollow. If the internal links are nofollow, then you should fix it.

That tells us that your website is having some problems and you need to fix it.

Raven Tools is designed specifically for the following specialized SEO analysis. So these tools will be an experienced SEO veteran who will stand by you to optimize your website, you will know what to do and what not to do.

If you look for SEO analytics support tools, I think that you should not ignore this tool.

Research competitors

Researching competitors is one of the problems that help you be more successful in the field of SEO. Raven tools provide comprehensive information where you can compare your website with competitors on the following parameters:

The total number of backlinks you currently have
The total amount of traffic
Domain analysis is based on the Moz Domain Authority
The average page speed of your website
social links

Backlinks Explorer

This is Raven’s backlink link analysis feature.

Raven tools get Data from Majestic SEO. So it’s not as good as Ahrefs, but it’s still quite good and no fewer ahrefs.

Raven tools have provided relatively good software and offer a free version of all the features of Raventools SEO.

Keyword research

This is a very important step that most SEOs need to master this knowledge. Raven tools also provide a good keyword checking tool.

You type a keyword into the search box, and the raven tools will receive data and return you the parameters you need.

Search analytics

This will pull data from the Google Search Console performance report.


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