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Udemy Group Buy

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Udemy has made significant developments in the field of Online education.

Please look at the image below to know how Udemy is now.

Udemy offers courses in two forms: free and paid.

Users can easily access the website or download the App for free

Areas of rich teaching include: arts, business, design, games, humanities, languages, mathematics, psychology, natural sciences, music, software, sports, etc.

Foreign languages ​​appear in Udemy: English, German, Korean, Chinese, Dutch, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish.

Users have 2 ways to learn: by calendar and Self-paced

(Self-paced: is a new noun that comes along with online learning. That means you are learning some course on the platforms that are available on the Internet. Then you can stop and open the next day The next way to study is very active and depends on the learning speed of each student)

Course forms provided by Udemy are relatively rich: video, PDF, Power Point, audio, Live course format. There are also homework and exercises to follow what they have learned.

At U demy, who teach the course are experts in the field of courses, professors and even users (User). And after finishing the course, you will have a certificate (certificate) of that course.

According to the evaluation of practitioners in the world, Udemy provides the science for practical and very practical skills. After learning, you can practice and apply immediately. Therefore, if you choose U demy to learn something new, you should choose another platform because that is not the core value of U demy. In addition, courses on business and entrepreneurship are highly appreciated by students on U demy.



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