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Webceo is a tool that can help you analyze your website’s ranking with keywords you have used. In addition, it can find key words, but the opponent is not optimal. You can use this keyword to your advantage.

How to use WebCEO, let’s go with me

Click on the Dangerous Competitors tool of WebCEO and click the Settings button in the upper left corner of the screen.

1 / Open the Keyword Tab and enter the keyword you want to rank. You can enter more than 1 word and will produce a better report.

2 / Then open the Search engines tab. Add the designated locations in the list. For example, Google.com.vn in Da Nang, Vietnam, or Google.com.vn in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

3 / Finally click Save

3 effective SEO strategies

The tool will start scanning. When completed, it will create a table with competitors’ websites that have been ranked on the entire keyword you have chosen.

Your website will also be displayed there, helping you compare your activity level with your opponent.

What columns should you look at in the table?

Ranking of keywords in search results (Ranked keywords in search results)

Do you remember the keywords you entered earlier in the Setting section? This column shows how many keywords of that website help competitors rank high.

Average ranking position (Average Ranking Position)

The same site can be ranked differently with different keywords. This column shows the average ranking position of rival websites for the keywords you have selected.

Measure of Website popularity (Alexa Global Traffic Rank)

This value indicates the amount of traffic that the website receives daily. The lower the number, the greater the traffic.

Example of WebCEO

Choose the sites that work best in the table. And you already have a list of your competitors. You can switch to the second strategy.

Analysis of competitors’ strengths and weaknesses

Avoid the opponent’s strong points and turn their weaknesses into their advantages. It is an SEO strategy you need to pay attention to take down your opponents. So, the next thing you need to do is analyze your competitor’s website thoroughly.

How is the specification?


Most SEO tools allow you to scan competitors’ websites and find out which keywords are optimized. What can you do with this information?

Keywords can be strengths that can also be weaknesses of the website – depending on how they are used. If there are some keywords that your competitor can’t rank well, do it well for your opponent.

Very simple, SEO students just need:

Firts, If the competitor ranks well for keyword X, that is a sign that you should ignore this guy X.

Second, If your competitor ranks poorly for the keyword Y, grab him Y, pull back to your website and make him stand out on Google.

If WebCEO’s Dangerous Competitors tool page tells you the level of keyword competition of rival websites, then in this strategy, another tool page: Spy On Competitors.

Example of WebCEO 2-

Enter the URL of the rival website and click the Search box. The tool will display a keyword table used on the site.

Choose as many keywords as you want, then click the Assign Tags tab to mark selected keywords with a named tag (you should always get the competitor’s website name).

Repeat the above procedure for other sites on your opponents list.

Keywords selected in this way will automatically be added to your own keyword basket. And because they’re tagged, you’ll easily find and delete them if you want.

Next, open up Competitor Rankings by Keyword.

example of webceo -3

Click the All Tags tab. A menu drops down all cards. Please select the previously named card. All selected competitors’ keywords will be displayed. Please check their ranking position.

Then open the Competitor tab and enter the competitor’s URL. When done, you can access the Search Engines tab to specify where you want to check your competitors’ ratings.

Finally click Save. The tool will display competitors’ rankings for selected keywords. This way, you can see your opponent’s poor ranking keywords. And you will take advantage of these “weaknesses” to optimize your own website.


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