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Animoto is a tools ,you can easily create videos from your own personal photos with background music effects with Animoto’s self-created video sharing service. You can simply create a video as you like.

First, to create a video, you must select Create Video from the tool on the left corner of the web page. At that time, Animoto will give you 2 options to create videos in 30 seconds or full time format. With each option, will give you a way to choose the image. Currently, Animoto only creates videos within 30 seconds. If using Full format, you need to buy an account.

To use images on a personal computer, select Upload from my computer. If you want to get an image from another site, select Retrieve from another site. Animoto allows users to choose photos from 5 famous photo-sharing websites, Photobucket, Picasa, Flickr, Facebook and Smugmug. Each option will have a different account management. If with Flickr, you need to sign in to your Flickr account via Yahoo! ID. Then select OK, I’ll Allow It when displaying the message ANIMOTO wants to link to your Flickr account.

Now, you can get photos from photo sharing web to use for creating image videos on Animoto. You choose Retrive to get photos from the Album. If you feel that images from the website are too few and less diverse, you can choose Addmore to add photos. Note, you must have a minimum of 10 images for a photo video.

Once you have the image, select the music through the next option. There are two ways to choose background music files. One is from the collection of Animoto (Select from our collection), the other is self-loading from the computer (Upload from your computer). Animoto accepts almost all popular audio formats, mp3. After selecting the complete music, you start loading this Audio file to Animoto. After the load is complete, you start creating the video image.

You fill in information about your work, then select Save & Continue. Wait for the video creation process to complete. You can choose additional tools like Remix this video to edit the video images you have made. Select Send video to friends to share videos made for friends. Select Post online to insert a blog, website. In addition to creating video images, Music Lounge section lets you enjoy the genre of video images with music of Animoto members.


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