#1. Top 15 Backlink Building Tools SEOers Need to Know


Link Building is an art, the pinnacle of SEO, because it requires each SEOer very strong technical skills to be able to point as many external links back to the landing page. But don’t worry, because there are 15 useful backlink building tools below to support you, the fear of Link Building will no longer haunt you.

Groupbuyseotools would like to introduce 15 best backlink building tools in 2021 that you need to have in your SEO work.

Summary of backlink building tools for websites

1). Ahrefs

Ahrefs was born for backlink building. There are many interesting and useful features about link building that this tool brings to you, including:

The ultimate keyword research algorithm.
Discover the hottest content today.
Monitor content rankings.
Analyze and handle professional issues related to SEO (technical aspects).


Are you confused about professional aspects related to SEO, completely “fuzzy” about programming and technology? No problem, Ahrefs will take care of you from A to Z.

Price: $99 – $999 per month.

Best Feature: Link Intersect.

Have you ever wondered how competitors have built their backlinks? You also want to reach those pages and still have to “look to the sky, ask why?”. The solution to those questions lies in Ahrefs’ Link Intersect feature itself.

Why should we care about competitor backlinks? Because if the other pages accept your competitors to contribute content, you absolutely have the opportunity to build your backlink right there. The opportunity is not to be missed, right!

If you want to use ahrefs for as low as $4.95/month with agency package. You can join Ahrefs Group buy You will save thousands of dollars every month when using the ahrefs Group buy service

2). Guest Post Tracker

Guest Post Sites are Web sites (usually blogs) that accept guests to create and contribute content. SEOers will certainly understand the importance of guest posts in their backlink building strategy. The Backlink Guest Post Tracker builder offers the ultimate solution to this problem.

Guest Post Tracker provides a list of 1500+ websites that accept guest posts as guest posts. Moreover, this tool will also help you to manage and monitor campaigns.


Best Feature: Categories – Grouping.

Tired of finding mushroomy topics in other Web sites? Can’t have enough time to focus on building SEO-standard content? You must use the Categories utility in the Guest Post Tracker. You’re sure to find the most relevant blogs, targeting the most precise audience, with topics from across the street, like sports, fashion, food, and more.

Price: $99 for life.

Don’t worry about the $99 initial cost, it’s much cheaper than similar SEO tools. Not to mention you only need to pay a single lane, and do not have to pay any other coins. Worth considering, isn’t it!

4. BuzzStream

BuzzStream is a tool to help build backlinks, manage and analyze outreach emails. In other words, you need this tool to collect accurate contact information; Build, reach, and promote relationships between you and specific influencers.

This tool works as follows:

First, you find the right Website through BuzzStream’s search bar (with your suggested topic), or upload a list of the Websites you are targeting.

Next, use BuzzStream (with the Buzzmaker Chrome extension) to track down the exact contact information of the page (including email and related information).

Finally, after saving the information, contact the influencer via email. BuzzStream has a few additional tools, such as choosing the right email template, allowing attachments, editing fonts, and more.

Plus, you can check the status of your email outreach with BuzzStream’s in-depth tools.

Price: $24 – $999 per month.

Best Feature: Custom Fields

Managing and organizing relationships can take a lot of time and effort. BuzzStream gives you the “Custom Fields” feature, which helps to categorize different influencer audiences, thereby building an appropriate outreach strategy.

Example: You want to categorize your relationship with “influencers” to what extent. BuzzStream has up to 8 different levels of classification in order of increasing importance, as shown in the image below:

Not Yet Research: Identified the relationship with this influencer as potential, but not ready for outreach (e.g. haven’t found contact information, haven’t sent an email, etc.)
Prepped for Outreach: Determined to reach this audience, but is building a contact form, not yet officially contacted. You will wait for the right time to submit the form.
Not Started: You’ve submitted a contact form, and have the influencer’s official email, but haven’t actually started contacting them directly yet.
Attempting to Reach: Sent at least 1 email, but have not received a reply.
In Talks: Received a reply, but the two sides have not come to an official conclusion.
Waiting for Result: You have sent the link page for them to review, but they have not replied to you.
Agreed to Link: They agree to link to your page. Specifically, influencers agree to post links, write reviews, promote brands, etc.
Link Accepted: The backlink has been built to point to your page.
Rejected: They disavow the link for your page.
At this point, have you realized the meaning and importance of “Custom Fields”?

Filter / Categorize: You can filter and categorize specific criteria, making it easier to manage and analyze outreach email activity.
Create “Template fields”: Save typical templates to build future influencer relationships.
Data Analysis: For each audience you need to reach, you can analyze and rank their importance by score.
There are many other interesting features from BuzzStream, you have to experience it yourself to notice the difference.

5. Moz Link Explorer

Moz Link Explorer is the most outstanding feature of Moz.

Let’s see how Moz Link Explorer works:

First, you just need to enter the URL of the competitor’s page you want to probe.

And right on the next page, you already have all the backlinks of that page.

In addition, you also get detailed parameters of each backlink, such as Domain Authority (the website’s ranking on search engines), …


Price: $99 – $999 per month

Best Feature: Anchor Text Analysis.

Quickly find the most anchor text lines (text links to other Web sites) on backlink pages.

Through the anchor text and link content, you will immediately realize if your competitors are using “magic” in content (black hat SEO).

6). NinjaOutreach

NinjaOutreach is similar to other SEO tools like BuzzStream or GroupHigh.

The main difference of NinjaOutreach lies in the following aspects:

Firstly, this tool contains a very large amount of data from influencers (millions of data).

Second, it is a more standard SEO tool than other tools of its kind. With the search results returned, you can sort them by social metrics (like Facebook likes, or Twitter followers).

In particular, the returned results can also be sorted based on indicators such as Domain Authority, Page Authority, number of backlinks.

Price: $69 – $599 per month

Best Feature: Pre-made Templates.

NinjaOutreach provides you with pre-built templates suitable for each different case (as shown below, maybe about Interview invitation, test test, …). Your task is simply to customize them and send them out, very simple.

7). BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo contains a lot of useful tools to improve your link building strategy for your page.

Here’s how BuzzSumo works:

First, BuzzSumo will suggest you the current hot content (based on the keyword you enter).

And this tool provides a list of influencers who are currently sharing the aforementioned content.


Price: $79 – $239 per month.

Best Feature: “Brand Mentions”.

Brand Mentions is a feature that helps you see how many people are mentioning and talking about your brand, but not directly linking to your page. This way, you can build relationships with influencers, or find brand new backlinks.

8). cognitiveSEO

This is a very interesting piece of software that specializes in SEO and link building that any SEOer should experience at least once.

cognitiveSEO contains a few unique features, especially “Unnatural Link Detection” – Identify “unnatural” links that are not normal (according to Google).


Price: $99 – $499 per month.

Best Feature: Domain Profile Influence.

One of the other outstanding features of this tool is the ability to identify the percentage of trusted backlinks on the pages. Thus, you can completely determine whether this source is reliable to link to or not.

9). Majestic SEO

In addition to the basic features of an SEO tool such as analyzing the number of backlinks, tracking domains or anchor text, Majestic SEO also evaluates them within the framework of your limited budget.


Price: $49 – $99 per month.

Best Feature: Topical Trust Flow

This feature is extremely interesting, it helps you analyze the number of links in the page coming from reliable sources, with the same topic of each source.

Choose the right backlink building tool

In these 15 link building tools, have you chosen a good assistant to support you? Please consider the following factors:

Consider the cost factor: Consider the cost factor when doing link building. When you can take advantage of available free tools (like Excel spreadsheets), use it. Most of the tools above are free and just make your job easier. In case the budget does not allow, you should actively complete the work with free “toys”.
Consider who will use the tool: If you’re working in a team, tools like BuzzStream or PitchBox are a must. If you work alone, you don’t need to worry about it, just choose the “toys”.
Quality of tools: More expensive tools are more effective, like Moz, Ahrefs or Majestic. The cheaper it is, the quality it will only come to that.
Importance of Reporting: If you need to report SEO information in an easy to understand, intuitive way, consider which tool can do this.
Hopefully your work will become lighter and simpler with the appearance of these backlinks – link building support tools.