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StoryBase is a powerful marketing tool, a reverse search engine that shows exactly how people search on the internet. Its power lies in its ability to tell you what your prospects want, what their challenges are and who they are. StoryBase lets you discover and give that sweet perfect spot of relevant content that is likely to affect their choice.

Functions on Storybase

story-based dashboard

After signing up for an account, you can log in to StoryBase and use it immediately. Then a white panel will be displayed, and it will ask you they enter the keywords you want to analyze

I think that user-friendliness is a very important factor that helps users not to be confused with the SEO Tools they are using.


This is one of the salient features of StoryBase. This function removes some data from various sources on the internet and lists all the exact questions most people are asking and targets the right questions policy that people are trying to display. This feature is perfect for creating answers to the most frequently asked questions about a specific topic.

Creating answers to these types of questions will increase the opportunity for readers and ease of sharing. This is one of the important factors for content creators.


This feature set will help you analyze the top phrases that are linked and connect to the main keyword you are analyzing. All questions are built from trends and data on the internet, and Phrases form long-tail keywords that people often search for from the original keywords.

Relate to
This feature is also very special on story-based, and the feature is available on keywords when implementing this function. The system will analyze the keyword data related to the main keyword and show keyword data with long keyword phrases that match the main keyword.


This is a very important feature; it helps you limit your target audience that you want to target. With analytic features like their age and gender… This is essential from which you can devise an appropriate SEO strategy.


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